Not A Time To Second Guess

Did any of you see this?

Tina Ring and her daughter Ashley Lee make a living for their families through their liquor store in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  A masked robber, armed with a shotgun, threatens their lives and takes the cash in the till before exiting the building.

He has what he said he wanted, but he comes back.  Why?  He had just robbed two helpless women, leaving them unmolested.  Maybe he had second thoughts about that second part.

We don’t have much information except the video, and some of the action takes place off camera.  Tina the mom arms herself with a revolver, don’t know what make or model, but I would guess something chambered for the .38 Special cartridge.  Daughter Ashley favors an autoloader, probably chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge.  If this is what they are using, and I have no way to know if it is, then they are both perfectly adequate rounds for self defense.

The end of the video is particularly terrifying.  The robber returns, wrestles the gun from Tina, and tries to shoot Ashley.  Why didn’t the gun go off?  I think Tina expended a round or two off camera.  Something tells me the gun was empty, the hammer falling on spent cartridges.

So I’m someone who teaches people how to get through situations like this.  Do I have any thoughts?  Perhaps some critique of the actions of Tina and Ashley?

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The Madness Of Crowds

One of the aspects of self defense is being aware of your surroundings, particularly the behavior of people nearby.  If someone is moving against the flow of foot traffic, for example, or if someone is wearing heavy winter clothing on a hot summer day.  Pay attention to the patterns, and these anomalies will stand out.

Long time reader knirirr brought the following fascinating and historically important photo to my attention.

(Click to enbiggen.)

This is a street party held on August 15, 1945.  That is known as Victory Over Japan Day, and for most it signaled the end of World War II.

Why all the kids?  Massive numbers of children were evacuated from London and other major targets of German bombing raids during the war.  They were mainly sent to small towns where they were cared for by total strangers until after the war.  The picture depicts the tea party thrown by some of the townspeople for their charges before the children were shipped back, probably to the great relief of just about everyone involved.

It isn’t just movement and dress that depict harmful intent, it also expression and body language.  All those faces looking at the camera, most bored and waiting for the shutter to snap so they can get on with the festivities.  Some are goofing off for the picture, wearing silly hats for example, and one or two even show a smile that appears genuine.

I didn’t notice any of that at first glance, not even a single detail.  Instead my eyes were instantly drawn to the one face amongst all the others that shows hatred and anger, and my attention flashed along the enraged person’s sight line to discover the object of all that enmity!

Do you see it?  Go below the fold to see an altered version of the photo where I reveal what was instantly apparent to me.

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Walter Layman – Travel Pictures

(Click to enbiggen.)

Walter Layman was a photographer who traveled the United States with his little dog Pocahontas.  He specialized in documenting Native American culture, and his work appeared in such illustrious publications as Nature and National Geographic.

The original photograph can be found here, and please click on that link to gain access to a picture with a much higher resolution.  Note how the license plate shows that Mr. Layman was from Texas, my adopted state, and that he has a black thread tied around his pipe and draped around his neck.  No doubt a lanyard for his pipe would be extremely useful while driving that Ford Model A on some rough roads.

Don’t ask me why, but I really like that picture for some reason.  Probably because of the dogs, and that I could see myself forging such a career if I had been born a century earlier.

UPDATE:  Reader Edward was kind enough to leave a comment, stating that the car is a Model T and not a Model A as I first thought.

Thank you kindly for the correction, Edward!

Run, Hide, and … What Is The Last One Again?

They made us watch the video below at work.

That video was produced by the city of Houston, Texas.  They consider it to be so important that it is available in many languages, some rather surprising such as Chinese.

The video describes what to do if one finds oneself in an active shooter situation, where some nutbag decides to end his miserable and worthless existence by killing as many innocent, helpless people as possible before the police arrives and takes his pain away with a bullet.   The three instructions to follow are RUN, HIDE, FIGHT.

These instructions are to avoid the shooter if at all possible, but if you can’t get away then to go down fighting.  Just about every law enforcement agency here in the United States advocates the same thing.  It is so common that even college police departments have their own videos to teach the students.

This is completely uncontroversial here in the United States, as it just seems to be gobsmackingly obvious.  I’ve even come across at least one law enforcement agency that uses the possibility of being caught in an active shooter incident as an opportunity to suggest firearms training so the erstwhile victims can shoot back.

(Click pic to enbiggen.)

The Department of Homeland Security has gotten into the act, urging people across the nation to do the same thing.

(Click pic to enbiggen.)

So that is the situation here in the US, but what about our good friends across the Pond in the United Kingdom?  What does their government teach people to do?

(Click pic to make larger.)

Our good friend knirirr was kind enough to give us this heads up.  A bit different, and what is the reason?

I suppose Americans would just rather go meet their maker with an improvised weapon in their hands than a phone against their ear.

Knifely Benediction

A little something to carve the turkey.

A notation knife, with music and song etched into the blade, circa 1500 CE or so.  One side contains the grace, while the other side has a song of thanks.

The knife pictured above is housed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the great city of London.  Click this link to be taken to the V&A website page that talks about the knife.  You can even listen to modern reproductions of the songs, kind of like listening to an echo from half millennium ago.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a special tradition for this holiday.  I always have a good dinner, as most everyone does, but I also watch Dredd (2012).

A dystopian crime drama, soaked with violence and despair, instead of a feel-good film that uplifts the spirit?  There are a few reasons for this.

I worked two jobs during the 1980’s, and would rent videos for the few days I had any free time.  There were many nights I would watch cheap movies featuring forgettable action heroes that were filmed on a shoestring.  Although Dredd had a respectable amount of money in the budget, and it looks pretty good, the gritty and hyper-realistic tone of the film reminds me strongly of all of those direct to video offerings where everyone involved tried to do their best with what they had.

Another reason is that it is a pretty good film!  Entertaining, and the characters are true to the source material.  None of which can be said of the first effort to bring the character to the big screen.

The last reason is that I am really, really thankful that I don’t live in such a world as that depicted in the movie.  And isn’t giving thanks what the holiday is all about?

I’ve Had To Deal With Far Too Many People Like This

Fascinating story about a crazy cat lady who likes to mail bombs to the Texas governor and President Obama. (Hat tip to Glenn.)

Click that first link above and fill your eyeholes with crazy.

Julia Poff has had a very hard life.

She was fired from her job at a law firm, but they fired her for stealing money from a client.  She set up a fund where kind-hearted people could donate clothing and money to a widowed father and young child after Hurricane Harvey, and she kept the money for herself.  She was denied assistance through SNAP, the Federal program that replaced the old food stamps, but only because she lied to them about her financial circumstance.  She has been evicted from her residence seven times in the past for non-payment of rent.  This pissed her off so much that she poured liquid concrete down the drains, stuffed the toilets with potatoes so they couldn’t flush, and locked her dogs inside and refused to let them out so they would piss and crap all over the place.

Bankruptcy court has repeatedly denied her requests to have her debts discharged, but only because she lied to them the same way she lied to SNAP.  It appears that she was so hostile during the court proceedings that extra security was on hand whenever she was scheduled to appear at the court house.  She is in trouble with the IRS, but only because she has not reported income.  She has been convicted of misdemeanor theft and state felony fraud, both times receiving probation instead of jail time, but has refused to abide by the terms of the probation so it has been either revoked or amended.  Her application for Social Security benefits, probably disability benefits because they are easiest to get, was denied because she didn’t qualify for them.

But the real kicker is that she is being investigated by the FBI.  Why?  Because in 2016 she mailed bombs to President Obama, a Social Security administration building in Maryland, and Texas state governor Greg Abbott.

The Feds are pretty good about security, and their screening procedures intercepted the bombs before anyone was hurt.  But Governor Abbott opens his own mail, or at least he did.  He only managed to escape serious injury and possible death from the package bomb because he “did not open it as designed“, which probably means he used a knife to cut the package open on the side instead of the ends.  Something tells me there is  a recently installed X-ray machine in the Governor’s mansion!

How did they catch her?  What evidence is there that Ms. Poff is the terrorist who mailed these bombs in an attempt to take innocent lives?

Well, they found cat hair stuck under labels of the packages sent to both Governor Abbott and President Obama, and the cat hair matches samples taken from cats owned by Ms. Poff.  She seems to be a crazy cat lady who also keeps a few dogs on hand in case she needs to soak down her apartment with extra urine and feces.

A cell phone was used as an ignition device in the bomb sent to President Obama, and the cell phone belongs to Ms. Poff.  I suppose she figured it would be blown up real good, and the FBI crime lab would never be able to trace it back to her!

The cardboard box that contained the bomb mailed to Governor Abbott had an older mailing label still affixed, a mailing label that was addressed to Ms. Poff.  She never thought anyone would be able to trace it back to her because she had used a permanent marker to color over the name and address!

What a criminal mastermind we have here!

She is currently 46 years old.  I’m pretty sure that she is going to be a guest of the grey bar hotel for a few decades.  If she is lucky, her public defender will be willing to take the extra effort to have her remanded to a mental institution to serve out her sentence.  Because, let’s face it, she might not qualify for Social Security benefits, but she certainly qualifies for that!

I said before that Ms. Poff has had a hard life.  One of the things I didn’t bother to mention earlier is that all of her woes is entirely her fault!


Shooting Chains

Ever hear of chain shot?

Clearly, it is a couple of cannon balls connected by a chain.  I mean, DUH!

It was used mainly during the great Age of Sail.

The idea was to load that bad boy in a cannon, and use it to chop up the rigging.  It would act as a giant buzzsaw, ripping through sails, masts and ropes.

It also did a pretty good job against enemy combatants.

The problem was that cannons, like any gun, can only be loaded with so much propellant before going kaboom.  Double cannon balls, with a length of chain, would be moving significantly slower when fired than a single cannon ball.  This meant that the range was severely curtailed, and one would have to get really, really close to some extremely angry strangers before letting loose with the noisy balm that was sure to calm them down.

So what to do?

A long time reader sent me a link to an interesting site that discusses a rather curios cannon.  (Hi, Greg!)  It seems that a double barrelled cannon is on display in Athens, Georgia that was designed to fire chain shot.

One cannon ball per barrel, and the muzzle velocity will be nice and high.  No reduction in potential range as long as the chain or balls don’t hit anything prematurely.

The cannon pictured above was made in 1862, but it was hardly a new idea at the time.  I came across another existing example that was sold at auction in 2015 which dated from 1848.

Pretty interesting stuff!  Click on some links, the text isn’t very long, probably because such cannon didn’t play a very significant role in warfare.  And let me give a note of thanks to Greg for the heads up!