I Think That Fence Has Been There A Very Long Time!

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tree and fence 1

tree and fence 2

tree and fence 3

tree and fence 4

tree and fence 5

tree and fence 6

tree and fence 7

tree and fence 8

3 Responses to “I Think That Fence Has Been There A Very Long Time!”

  1. Is that your back yard? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before.

    • James Rummel says:

      It is a vacant lot behind the crappy, decayed apartment complex where I live.

      According to the manhole covers, the complex was built in 1973. The fence looks to have been there for less time than that, as it was probably put up around 1980 or so.

  2. guy says:

    Depends on the species of tree.

    If the tree was a box elder that fence could have been there for only a few weeks to look like that. 😛

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