Something Lies Dead, And Close Beneath The Ground

mushrooms 1

mushrooms 2

mushrooms 3

mushrooms 4

mushrooms 5

mushrooms 6

mushrooms 7

4 Responses to “Something Lies Dead, And Close Beneath The Ground”

  1. Frank says:

    Nice Faery ring. Years ago NPR had a discussion about mushroom picking. It ended with “Don’t poison yourself over a 49 cent can of mushrooms.’

    Words to remember.

    stay safe..

  2. Looks like Agaricus bitorquis, which are quite edible, but I would have to be there to know for sure!

    • James Rummel says:

      That may be, Chas, but I am afraid that I cannot identify the edible from the mortifying. So I leave all alone.

      Thanks for the heads up! Interesting stuff, indeed.

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