Someone Needs To Get That Skinny Woman Some Pie!

model licks bb gun

Hunger has driven her mad!  If only I was there to save her!  I would share my lunch, stat!

hot and fresh pizza

Yes, I did just eat an entire pizza by myself.  Like you have never done that!

(The gun is a BB gun.  You can tell by the odd slide.)

4 Responses to “Someone Needs To Get That Skinny Woman Some Pie!”

  1. Allen says:

    She just really loves gun oil.

  2. Guffaw says:

    Wouldn’t saliva ruin the bluing?


  3. guy says:

    She probably had some of James’s pizza.

    Froglube smells just like Peptobismol

  4. Fruitbat44 says:

    You know it’s possible that the young lady in the photo is actually demonstrating a, rather unusual, “wounded warrior” technique for racking the slide while one hand is out of action.

    Well, she *might* be . . .


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