The Gun Is Not Safe For Work!

Interested to see?  Pics after the jump.  You have been warned!

pawn shop colt 1

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A Colt autoloader chambered for the .32 ACP cartridge.  At least I think it is a .32 and not a .380 version.  The owner wouldn’t let me handle it.

It is shiny because it has been plated with nickel, and decorated with a floral design.  But the real kicker is the grip.

naked lady grip for pawn shop colt

A photo of a naked woman under clear lucite panels.  The odd brown shading is due to rust from the steel screws.

The present owner is the proprietor of a pawn shop in Columbus, Ohio.  He tells the tale of how a nattily dressed gentleman, rapidly approaching advanced middle age and wearing a bow tie, entered his establishment one day with a firearm to sell.  As soon as the proprietor saw the gun in all its pulchritudinous glory, he knew that he must own the thing!

The seller was evasive when asked about the original owner.

“He was my uncle, from Detroit.  A man of low moral character.”

After that, he would say no more.  He gathered the greenbacks from the sale and ghosted from the establishment, never to b seen again.

The present owner proudly places the gun in his display case very day, but it is not for sale.  Such is the hideous beauty of the thing that he cannot bear to part with it.

2 thoughts on “The Gun Is Not Safe For Work!

  1. Well, well, well . . .

    Sold by a nattily dressed man with a bow tie? He wasn’t snacking on jammy dodgers by any chance was he?

    But seriously that is an interesting story. Thanks for sharing it.

    Hmmm “. . . a man of low moral character?” Well the piece does scream “Pimp Gun!”


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