Improvised Shotgun Made From Materials Bought At Airport Stores


Very clever!


I don’t think it would cause much damage, but the cobbled-together ammunition explodes with impressive force.

(Hat tip to Bryan.)


7 Responses to “Improvised Shotgun Made From Materials Bought At Airport Stores”

  1. I don’t think I’d want to be holding that thing in my hands when it went off.

  2. I also note that it took a long time from pulling the trigger to actually firing. This is an amusing stunt but it isn’t a plausible airport threat.

  3. Cookie says:

    It would be easier to just make a bomb. just doesn’t look practical .

  4. Chris. says:

    I saw this a couple years ago — The guy who built it is a security researcher; and he has done several of these types of weapons; Including an incendiary device.

    Check out PGFAGM (Parting Gifts From a Grouchy Man). The point he’s trying to make with those though – is there are no dangerous weapons; Only dangerous people. and security theater does not actually make us safer.

  5. Jordan says:

    I definitely don’t think the point of this was to make a great gun you’d want to shoot -just prove that all of the rules of the TSA aren’t preventing people from making weapons once past security checkpoints. If someone needs to make a weapon, they will.

  6. “If someone needs to make a weapon, they will.”

    This is a pretty elaborate device, and it isn’t something you are going to put together in ten minutes. Anyone doing this kind of thing is going to attract attention before they finish.

    I’m certainly no fan of TSA security theater, but I don’t think this exercise is a counterexample.

    (An incentiary based on lithium metal, on the other hand…)

  7. er, “incendiary”…

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