Those Poor Dogs!

Dog owners insist that their pets can experience some of the very same emotions we humans feel.

Here is a very short video showing the reaction some Welsh Corgis have when forced to wear panda costumes.  The disgust and scorn just drips from the screen!

2 Responses to “Those Poor Dogs!”

  1. Sam L. says:

    DAMN those dog-haters!

  2. Firehand says:

    When was dating second wife, got to her house one day- start of summer- and when looked out the back window… one of her dogs was a breed I can’t remember, long white fur, beautiful critter, and she’d had it shaved for the summer.

    With a big poof left on the end of his tail.

    “What did you DO to him?”
    “It’s cute, he likes it!”
    Dog heard us, saw us looking and ducked his head and turned his back; “Look at him, he’s embarrassed!”
    She looked at him and was speechless.

    Should have been a warning to me.

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