Raising Daughter Right

pink plastic knife

pink toy shotgun

Stabby, stabby!  Pa-chow, pa-chow!



Thanks to reader Sam L for doing the research on this question, or at least punting it to someone who knows.  It seems that there are, indeed fully functional pink knives to be had.

6 Responses to “Raising Daughter Right”

  1. Looking at the thumbnails I thought those were toys. But when I look at the full sized version, they’re the real thing, aren’t they?

  2. guffaw says:


    Next up, a .22 Chipmunk!


  3. Sam L. says:

    They both look plastic to me.

  4. James Rummel says:

    No, not real. Just some toys someone glued glittery stuff.

  5. They used to sell toy guns, totally non-functional, which were made out of clear plastic and were filled with candy bits. You could pry open a piece and get the candy out to eat.

    That’s what I thought these were when I first looked at the thumbnails.

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