Why Don’t They Just Stay Out Of The Water?

mans life weasels

mans life rats

mans life snakes

mans life snapping turtles

mans life spiders

mans life wild cats

true men flying squirrels

Actual magazine covers from men’s adventure publications.  All are covers from various editions of Man’s Life, except the last which comes from True Men.  I had to include that one because the heroes are being attacked by flying squirrels.

northern flying squirrel

I think that disqualifies them from being true men, don’t you?

10 Responses to “Why Don’t They Just Stay Out Of The Water?”

  1. Sam L. says:

    I’m sure these inspired Frank Zappa’s album, Weasels Ripped My Flesh.

  2. CatCube says:

    Is that guy getting his ass kicked by otters?

    • Fruitbat44 says:

      From the writing on the cover I think they’re supposed to be weasels. Coming off second best to a pack of timber wolves is excusable; second best to a pack of weasels . . . I suspect it’s the sort of thing you keep on the downlow.

  3. Sam L. says:

    If these were more recent, there’d be jumping carp.

  4. David Adair says:

    Go to Lileks for some evaluations of these “mens magazines “

  5. emdfl says:

    What’s bad is I can remember those mags AND those covers.

  6. guy says:

    “Why Don’t They Just Stay Out Of The Water?”

    Because empirically, over 50% of the time the water is where the hot chicks are.

    And honestly if a man can’t handle hostile weasels, turtles or squirrels how is he going to handle rampaging beavers?

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