Paid Training

I started my students off focusing on safe gun handling, firearm storage, marksmenship. You know, the bare basics. It was all I could do, all I had time for, and it used up what resources I could spare.

I’ve always urged my students to seek out formal training courses, if they were able. Most, unfortunately, were not, either due to infirmity or lack of money.

I just read an article in WIRED magazine, where they sent one of their reporters to Gunsite Academy for training. She described entering a shoot house, where the scenario was the rescue of a small child named Timmy who had been kidnapped by those of ill intent.

” I still had a bad habit of jerking the trigger in anticipation of recoil, but at certain moments, like when I stepped across the threshold of the fun house’s final room and saw a swarthy man holding a gun to little Timmy’s head, my focus narrowed and my hands and eyes and weapon synced up in a benevolent conspiracy, and I shot the bad guy right in the ocular cavity. It was hugely satisfying, and it felt—I don’t know how else to describe it—like being right. “

Well, it was right! And good for her.

Check the article out. Worth a read.

2 thoughts on “Paid Training

  1. Thanks for the link and an interesting article.

    Hmm . . . one lesson to take away, might be, what seems like a funny joke albeit in questionable taste when you’re with your buddies might not seem quite so funny to others in the cold light of day.

    That said the training she went through sounds like a lot of fun.

    • ” … the training she went through sounds like a lot of fun.”

      It sure does! Wish I had a chance to take it myself.

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