You Mean There Are People Who Only Carry One?!?!

Illinois has just passed a law allowing law abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms for their defense.  It was the very last place in the United States to pass such a law.

Good for them!  But there are flies in this ointment.  The new law has a number of provisions to acquiring a license which makes it a more difficult task than it should.

This post at The Volokh Conspiracy discusses a joke about how Illinois can essentially ban concealed carry by making it mandatory for license holders to always carry two guns.   The extra weight, expense, and bother of hauling all that iron around would cause people to give up on arming themselves in despair.

size comparison of two 9mm 2

No despair here!

3 Responses to “You Mean There Are People Who Only Carry One?!?!

  1. Joe Allen says:

    That would be a problem, indeed.

    Deciding which two,that is.

  2. Ben says:

    I suspect that such a “nuisance” regulation stems from (yet another) complete misunderstanding of one group of people by the other. i.e. “Oh, those gun people only carry handguns around because it’s easy and makes them look cool/feel better about themselves/feel powerful. Throw a little wrench in their path and they’ll give up.”

    But maybe not. I hadn’t even heard about it until yesterday. You would think the last state to pass concealed carry would be a big deal.

  3. ThomasD says:

    I’d put an NAA mini revolver on my keychain.

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