You Are Supposed To Use Both Hands

great sword

sparring with 2 handed swords

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5 Responses to “You Are Supposed To Use Both Hands”

  1. Sam L. says:

    Swing for the fences!

    Don’t fence for the swings.

  2. Russ says:

    The katana is a one-handed sword. So are most other long/broad swords. How else do you hold your wakizashi or shield? If you need two hands, you need to strengthen your wrist and forearm.

    Russ, one of the few trained swordsmen around

    • James Rummel says:

      The Japanese sword pictures is a dikatana, the 2-handed version. Used to kill the mounts of samurai on the battlefield, I think.

  3. kalashnikat says:

    Aye…the length of the grip is significantly more than the usual katana.

  4. knirirr says:

    We do indeed use two hands – one to hold the sword, the other for parrying thrusts and for commanding after a parry. 😉

    The other hand can be used for holding a revolver or buckler, depending on the system. I’ve found that the longsword men don’t really have much of an advantage against a good basket-hilted backsword, though the longsword is nevertheless very popular at the moment.

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