Make And Model, Please?

Every time there is a shooting, people interested in armed self defense want to know what guns were used, and what calibers.

Case in point is this news report from Houston, Texas.  A man was returning a video when two criminals tried to carjack his ride.  They forced the victim to the ground, took his phone and wallet, but missed the legally carried self defense handgun.

The result was an unscathed victim, a dead robber, and another wounded.  But which gun?

Dunno, but the following screengrab from the video shows some type of gun lying at the crime scene.

screengrab of a houston news report

(Click on all pics for larger version.)

The gun looks to be in pretty poor shape, most probably one of the guns the cash-strapped robbers were using.  But it resembles my own defensive tool.

taurus millenium pro

taurus pt111 9mm

Mine is in excellent working condition, you can be sure.

(Hat tip to Glenn.)

5 Responses to “Make And Model, Please?”

  1. Mark says:

    It looks a little bit like my friends son’s CO2 pistol. The back strap on his pulls out to replace the CO2 cartridge and the one in the pic looks like the backstrap is pulled.

  2. BFD says:

    Slide and backstrap look somewhat like a Walther P99 variant of some type to me.

  3. JFT says:

    I think Mark nailed it. It almost looks as if there’s no slide. Though it is really tough to tell from the screengrab.

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