Scenes From The Neighborhood: DANGER! BEDBUGS!

danger bedbugs 1

danger bedbugs 2

danger bedbugs 3

danger bedbugs 4

bedbug markings on a mattress

3 Responses to “Scenes From The Neighborhood: DANGER! BEDBUGS!”

  1. I paid someone to come get my bed and haul it away when it got infested. First thing he did was completely wrap it with plastic. He said he wanted to make sure his truck didn’t get any on it.

  2. Big Daddy says:

    I had bedbugs. They could not find them in my apartment, I had bites though and despite the doctors saying you should not get sick from them, I did. I could not wait for the exterminator and the apartment complex I did it myself and got rid of all of them. I tore my apartment apart and sprayed and also used power of different types. Then I made sure there was no way in by using silicone sealer in every possible hole into the apartment. I then used pure alcohol and/or ammonia on all the floors and walls. It was the woman who lived in the lower apartment bringing in stuff from the trash, she’s a nut case. No matter now I moved to Texas.

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