Who Knew?

Seems that Windex is pretty good at getting out blood stains.


5 Responses to “Who Knew?”

  1. Allen says:

    You ok?

    • James Rummel says:

      I’m perfectly fine, and thanks for asking!

      The extremely cold winter we have been having means the heater has been going full blast, and the air in my apartment has dried out to lunar conditions. I’ve experienced a few nosebleeds, which took me by surprise as it is the first time my nose started leaking red without getting punched!

      Some shirts got dripped upon, and Windex with cold water works credibly well.

  2. A friend will help you when you need it. A true friend will help you hide a body…

  3. skidmark says:

    Youngsters! Gah! Think they know everything. *spit*

    But I will say the new formulation is better at getting some organic stains out.

    stay safe.

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