Model Stalking Horse

What is a stalking horse?  Pretty much what it says on the tin.  A horse used by hunters to get close to wild game.  Walk on the other side of the horse, the animals being hunted won’t realize humans are in the area until far too late.

Some horses were specifically trained for this method of hunting.  The main trick was to get the mount used to the sudden explosion across the saddle when the hunter fires their gun.

model bracing a shotgun across a horse back

(Please click on the picture for the largest version.)

A perfect example, except that the extended range that modern firearms have means that there really aren’t that many horses trained for such work nowadays.  It is unlikely that the horse pictured would take a boomstick ringing off across it’s back lightly.

But do not despair, gentle reader, for the continued good health of the fashion model pictured above.  Note that the slide of her shotgun is pulled to the rear, the ejection port of the weapon yawning open.  The shotgun cannot go off in its present condition.  It appears the young woman knows what she is about.

I cannot see the  fingers of her right hand, but I would not be surprised if she was not touching the trigger as well.

Canine Logo Equals Rape!

The University of Connecticut has replaced their old logo …

old University_of_Connecticut_Huskies_(logo)

… with something a bit leaner.


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Okay, so some university in the New England states is trying to rebrand.  So what?

It would seem that a female student claims that the new logo will “intimidate women and empower rape culture“!

I have no idea what the bitter feminist who made these claims is talking about.  The new logo depicts a dog that is better groomed and showing less tongue.  Wouldn’t that mean he was more of a gentleman?

Not that we are sure as to the sex of the mascot.  Whenever I see a canine, the only sure way to tell the gender is to peer down between the back legs to see of there are any danglies.  How can the “intimidated” student tell if the only thing drawn is the face of the beast?  Maybe she completed the drawing in her mind!

My leg was once humped by a Cocker Spaniel, which means an actual, real life, flesh-and-blood dog tried to have its way with me.

maniac dog humping leg

This seems to me to be a great deal more traumatic than having a cartoon drawing of a fictional dog peer out from a poster or T-shirt.  And yet, no one is concerned about my feelings of powerlessness and violation!

This is probably because I never felt powerless or violated.  When little Snookums started the Hump, Hump, Hurrah! I simply showed my teeth while growling deep and low.  The dog had obviously never encountered an Alpha male before, as it ran to huddle, shaking, against the legs of its owner.  When said owner reached down to give the over stimulated pet a reassuring pat on the head, the dog peed all over her shoes.

dog sitting next to pee spot

It should be even easier to get a cartoon dog head off your leg, I would think.

Before anyone stumbling across this essay should decide to climb on their high horse and accuse me of belittling rape, please keep in mind that I have worked for two decades with victims of violent sexual abuse.  It seems to me to be a no-brainer that shrill, idiotic tripe such as the claim that a drawing of a dog’s head will encourage people to engage in violent criminal assault is demeaning and unfair to those who have had to put their lives back together after being subjected to rape in the real world.  But something tells me that such thoughts will never enter the heads of anyone who would make claims of that type.

Stacy McCain goes a long way towards analyzing why anyone would be so stupid as to make this assertion in the first place.  The answer is that the person who penned the letter is working towards a diploma for being a self-righteous feminist jerk.

Gunpowder Plot

This news article reports that one of the Boston Marathon bombers purchased legal fireworks in New Hampshire, although the kits he bought did not contain enough explosive to make the bombs used in the terrorist attack.


This doesn’t mean mining fireworks for their powder wouldn’t work, just that it would cost more and take more effort than finding other sources.

How Much Ammo Can One Man Carry?

Long time reader USN was kind enough to send me a link to this article on  It concerns an incident where a police officer was confronted by a criminal determined to kill any cop he came across.  Even though the suspect was riddled with fourteen .45 ACP rounds, six of which would have been fatal, the perp kept fighting until suffering a head shot.

Please note that the officer decided to switch from a .45 to a 9mm handgun, in order to have more rounds available the next time something like this happened to him.  It seems he came to the conclusion that shot placement is most important, and he wants more chances to put a round where it would do the most good.

Give Me More

The number of rounds someone has available for defense has always been of great concern to those who actually do have to defend themselves.  Back when single-shot handguns were pretty much all that was available, most people carried two in order to have another chance at life if the first missed.

louise brooks with flintlocks

(Click on all pictures to see the largest versions.)

This really wasn’t good enough to keep people from feeling uneasy.  Inventors tried various gimmicks in order to increase firepower.

reproduction of a brass 3 barrel pistol from 1775

side image of a 16 barrel brass pepperbox

the business end of a 16 barrel brass pepperbox

Pepperbox handguns were a solution, but a seriously flawed solution.  All those barrels increased the weight of the gun to the point that it was almost impossible to carry concealed if the gun was chambered for a serious self defense caliber.  If the gun was chambered for a small and underpowered caliber you might have plenty of shots, and the gun was small and light enough to carry around wherever you might travel, but it wasn’t going to do you much good if you fired them all into a criminal attacker only to see them keep coming without being able to inflict a disabling wound.

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Self Defense Down On The Farm

Pete Zaitcev makes an interesting observation in this comment

“And historically in my previous country martial arts were heavily regulated, their teaching prohibited to anyone but security and police officers.”

Why do I find that interesting?  Because the deadliest open hand fighting techniques were originally developed by the common folk when emperors and kings banned owning and carrying regular weapons!

But it wasn’t just open hand martial arts that were invented to provide self defense.  Common everyday tools were also taken up to provide a means of protection.

Case in point is the karambit.

modern karambit fighting knife

Originally, karambits weren’t all skeletal and cool looking.  Instead they were used to dig up roots, and as scythes to cut rice stalks during harvest.

karambit as an agricultural tool

Nowadays these curved knives are considered effective weapons for serious martial artists willing to devote the time needed to train with the little blades.

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