Offline For A Time

The guy who lived in the apartment over had a nasty habit of splicing into my Internet cable.  When the lights on my modem stopped blinking last week, I figured he was up to his usual tricks.

internet thief

Took some time for my Internet provider to send a technician, but he found that the modem inside my apartment had just gone belly up.  He replaced it, and I was back online.

I suppose this is one time I can’t blame my neighbor for screwing something up.

Pocket Protection

The French came up with a folding submachine gun back in the early 1950’s.

french folding submachine gun

mgd french folding submachine gun

Looks cheap, but the price tag was high.  Apparently it took a great deal of machining and precision parts to get your sub-gun to fold up.

I was reminded of this French marvel of folding firepower when I came across the following picture.

folding russian handgun

I know you are wondering what the hell that thing is, because I am as well.  Never saw one before, and haven’t a clue.  Probably is a Photoshop creation, and doesn’t even exist.

But I still want one anyway!

I Don’t Care About The Color As Long As It Goes Bang

A news story from some months ago tells the deplorable tale of a female police officer who was constantly hazed by male colleagues during training.  She sued the department, and was awarded twenty thousand British pounds in compensation.

Hardly new, that.  A lone woman enters an all-male unit, only to be ostracized and belittled.  Happens just about every time.

In this instance, however, the assignment was with the North Yorkshire Police firearms unit.  This unit is supposed to be composed of mature and responsible officers, people who have demonstrated clear headed thinking and the sober reflection needed to be trusted with the means of lethal force while serving the public.  Considering that even the senior officers supervising the training took part in the hazing, it would appear that the recruiting criteria would need to be revised.

One of the insulting comments that a supervisor reportedly asked if the female police officer would like some pink guns.  Actually, I don’t think that wouldn’t be too bad!


(Picture source.)

One of the claims to fame for the American firearms firm of Kel Tec is that they produce a line of colored grips for their line of popular handguns.

kel tec colored grips

The same gun used for self defense can also be personalized for a very small amount of money.  Another point in their favor is that the grips can be installed using a few common household tools, and by someone who does not have any gunsmithing knowledge.

This doesn’t have anything to do with the sad story of abuse and hazing that started out this post, of course.  One just reminded me of the other, so I thought that I would bore you with my impressions.