Paid Training

I started my students off focusing on safe gun handling, firearm storage, marksmenship. You know, the bare basics. It was all I could do, all I had time for, and it used up what resources I could spare.

I’ve always urged my students to seek out formal training courses, if they were able. Most, unfortunately, were not, either due to infirmity or lack of money.

I just read an article in WIRED magazine, where they sent one of their reporters to Gunsite Academy for training. She described entering a shoot house, where the scenario was the rescue of a small child named Timmy who had been kidnapped by those of ill intent.

” I still had a bad habit of jerking the trigger in anticipation of recoil, but at certain moments, like when I stepped across the threshold of the fun house’s final room and saw a swarthy man holding a gun to little Timmy’s head, my focus narrowed and my hands and eyes and weapon synced up in a benevolent conspiracy, and I shot the bad guy right in the ocular cavity. It was hugely satisfying, and it felt—I don’t know how else to describe it—like being right. “

Well, it was right! And good for her.

Check the article out. Worth a read.