How Much Ammo Can One Man Carry?

Long time reader USN was kind enough to send me a link to this article on  It concerns an incident where a police officer was confronted by a criminal determined to kill any cop he came across.  Even though the suspect was riddled with fourteen .45 ACP rounds, six of which would have been fatal, the perp kept fighting until suffering a head shot.

Please note that the officer decided to switch from a .45 to a 9mm handgun, in order to have more rounds available the next time something like this happened to him.  It seems he came to the conclusion that shot placement is most important, and he wants more chances to put a round where it would do the most good.

4 thoughts on “How Much Ammo Can One Man Carry?

  1. Something similar to this is what lead to the developement of 10mm round. The imfamous Miami shootout between FBI and 2 experienced and determined bank robbers. The SAC decided not to use shotgun they in order not to spook the robbers. Didn’t work. In the aftermath, it was determined that one of the robber suffered a fatal wound (9mm pierced his heart), but he had enough juice left to spray the agent that had ‘killed’ him with his MAC10 and killing the agent. Both robbers were eventually put down by a guy who crawled behind them and put a .38 through their head.

    The after action report blamed the bullet, and not the fact that they didn’t use proper gear available to them (shotguns). Thus, the 10mm was born.

    • BigFire – “The imfamous Miami shootout?” Are you refering to the 1986 incident?

      Because if you are you might want to double-check some facts; the Bad Guys used a Mini-14 and not a MAC-10, and one of the FBI Agents did use a shotgun during the gun battle.

      Of course if you are refering to another incident then ignore this post.

      Though I still think your point about a long gun being a better choice than a handgun – if the choice is available – is a valid one.

      • Sorry, I got the wrong gun. I remember reading that the Special Agent in Charge want to do a low key felony arrest, and the shotgun would’ve tipped off the 2 robbers. After the shooting started, that was pretty much a moot point.

  2. I don’t actually *know* anything about wound ballistics i.e. I have not made a serious academic study and, happily, I have no practical experience of the subject.

    So from the depths of my armchair I will make the following observations:

    1) If a bad guy isn’t immediately stopped by torso shots, seemingly only a headshot will produce an immediate stop.

    2) Shot placement is really important.

    2a) The bad guy was shot fourteen times with a forty-five; shot placement matters more than calibre.

    3) Sometimes you can do everything right and it still goes wrong e.g. you score solid hits on the bad guy in his centre of mass and he still keeps trying to kill you.

    4) Echoing what BigFire said; if you have a choice of weapon a long gun is far preferable to a pistol. Indeed if the bad guy in the article had used his SKS instead, sadly the Good Guy probably wouldn’t be around today.

    PS The article also links to be a “Lessons learned” article:

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