2 thoughts on “Dungeons And Dragons Explained

  1. Why D&D is better than sex:

    1. No one ever caught an STI off of a d20.
    2. People of the same sex can play D&D together without being called rude names.
    3. You can play D&D at anytime of the month.
    4. Your character doesn’t get jealous if you play with another character once in a while.
    5. It’s legal to play D&D with your mother.
    6. There is no reason six . . .

    Anyway that is a nice article and video. D&D though is, for me personally, something of yesterdays game. While the article was, spot on about role-playing, D&D (or Pathfinder) isn’t the only way to play RPGs.

    That said, the first time I ever played D&D; that was magic. 🙂

  2. I’ve only run one session of this edition (during the D&D Next playtest), but I think 5e might become my favorite version of the game. They did a really good job streamlining the math in the rules, especially pace-killing combat bonuses. The unified “proficiency bonus” system is pretty easy to explain and prevents the absurd number-scaling in 3e/4e.

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