Ninja Attack!

From the news of the weird file comes this developing report.  It seems that two women, armed with knives and stun guns, invaded a private home in Utah in order to kidnap a 15 year old girl.  They were swaddled in dark clothes at the time, and resembled ninjas during the attack.

ninja suit with dagger

Why did they want to abduct the young girl?  It seems that she is the victim of a sexual assault, and the two women were trying to remove her so she would not be able to testify against the accused.

Who is the accused?  It seems that he is the boyfriend of both of them.  Dress up like a ninja to conduct a home invasion and kidnapping, become enamored of a pedophiliac boyfriend.  Something tells me that these two constantly struggle with some seriously bad judgement.

The plan to invade a home and kidnap a child was an extremely poor one, but at least the criminals decided to make the attempt on a night when the weather was foul.  One of the victims reported that a storm brewing outside helped to hide the noise made by the creeping felons.

‘Twas a dark and stormy night ….

cat and dog snuggling on a dark and stormy night

What foiled the crime?  One of the legal residents of the home heard a creaking sound.  When he went to investigate, he was confronted by the two ninjettes.

Even so, they were armed with knives and stun guns while his hands were empty.  A potential tragedy was avoided when another resident came to his rescue, wielding a katana.

katana demotivational

When they realized that they were outclassed in the reach department, the two wannabe master criminals allowed themselves to be subdued.  After all, they had brought knives to a sword fight!

So why didn’t they cut up the unarmed man with their knives before the sword made an appearance?  That is another detail which indicates that the whole operation wasn’t very well thought out.

Let us surmise for a moment that the criminals were victorious, and they managed to abduct the child from her bed.  What then?  The alleged sexual assault victim would not be able to testify, but it stands to reason that the police and FBI would make a beeline for the two since the main reason for the girl to disappear would be to prevent her day in court.  Were the home invaders planning on murdering the girl in order to silence any potential witnesses to the kidnapping?

Considering the level of intelligence displayed by the perps so far, I am willing to bet they were planning on taking the girl home with them until after the trial.  You know, stash the victim in the first place the authorities would want to search since the two people with the greatest motive to kidnap the girl happen to live there.  But that doesn’t mean that one of them didn’t have a flash of relative brilliance, and the abduction was simply a prelude to an unmarked grave out in the woods somewhere.  I would have to say that the young lady at the center of all of these shenanigans is very lucky to have so many family members standing at the ready when they were most needed.

So why didn’t anyone involved have a firearm?  After all, the level of motivation of everyone involved is pretty high.  The two accused home invaders were willing to commit several major felonies to aid the object of their affections, while the family of the girl would want to protect her from further assaults.  It seems to reason that someone along the line would have purchased a gun, either to have at hand during the kidnapping or to stand guard over the victim.  Why all the swords and knives?

Ever since 1968, it has been a violation of Federal law for anyone convicted of a felony to be in possession of ammunition or firearms.  Something tells me that at least a few of the people involved in this sordid tale fit that description.

Of course, just about all of my thoughts on the matter are pure speculation.  Details are sketchy, and I doubt we will ever know all the details.

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