Canada Toughens Up

There was an incident in 2006 that made an impression.

Two fugitives were wanted for a murder in California, and they heading for the border with Canada.  A sharp eyed sheriff’s deputy spotted them driving past, and the chase was on!  Gunshots were exchanged, cars were crashed, and a foot chase ended mere yards from the border.  One suspect was shot but survived, the other suffered nothing more than bruises.  Just another day in American law enforcement, with a big win for the good guys.

But it isn’t the bravery the US law enforcement officers displayed that made such a big impression.  Instead it was the actions by the Canadian border patrol officers, all of whom abandoned their posts when informed that dangerous criminals were headed their way.

terrified man

Shocking though it might be that the people tasked with providing the first line of defense for their country walked off the job when notified of the possibility of danger, what I found almost incomprehensible was the fact that the Canadian border guards were not even armed!

ironic gun free zone sign

Lucky things the Conservatives had won a few elections at the time.  The government of Canada vowed to make this right, and has been working diligently to train and arm their border guards ever since.

I was reminded of this shameful time in the history of Canadian law enforcement while watching this very short video, which shows the police sweep down a corridor inside their Parliament building during the recent terrorist attack.  The officers in view acted decisively, professionally, and with a great deal of professionalism and courage.  Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers is reported to have been the one who shot and killed the suspect, using a handgun he kept in his desk drawer.  I’d say it is a good job all around.

The elected officials at work that day didn’t stand idly by.  The Conservative caucus was meeting, and they fashioned spears from flagpoles found in the room.  They then positioned themselves to attack any violent criminal who tried t force their way inside.

“These guys were up there holding these spears ready to impale anyone who came in,” the source said.

I have no idea what a group of Liberal MP’s would have dine if threatened, but I can pretty much guess.

(Thanks to Glenn for the link about the spears.)


5 thoughts on “Canada Toughens Up

  1. I’m about in the mood to wear one of those gun-free patches right along with concealed carry and dare the world to come on. Wonder if that would make me guilty of false advertising?

  2. While Canada suffers too much from the anti-gun policies they share with England, one does have to ask “If you’re unarmed and an armed VCA runs towards you , what should you do?” I submit retreating is the answer.

    We can’t blame the Canada’s boarder guards for retreating since their government forces them to be unarmed. Outside of quitting, which maybe a good option, what else could they do? If they illegally carried a gun and responded, they could loss their job and end up in prison.

  3. About 4 years ago I was entering Canada from Washington State and I was waiting in line to pass thru when a car from the U.S. failed to stop swerved around me and kept going. A alarm horn went off and within 15 seconds three Canadian border personal in bulletproof vests and M16’s were out and surrounded the car which had stopped. The car had taken a wrong turn and didn’t intend to cross the border. I can attest that the border guards have weapons.

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