We Knew It Would Come To This

What is a fallacy?  An argument which uses poor or erroneous logic.  Fallacies are always wrong.

man in dunce cap

One such fallacy is the slippery slope.  Advocates of 2nd Amendment rights have resisted laws which require government registration, saying that it is just a first step before outright confiscation of their firearms.

Those which advocate gun control laws say that these fears are based on a fallacy, and so must be wrong.  For some reason they never admit that they are wrong when the government starts to confiscate guns.



2 thoughts on “We Knew It Would Come To This

  1. Would you admit you were wrong if you got what you wanted? I think not.

    The slippery slope is an example of the salami tactic–you don’t complain because someone took a tiny slice of your salami. And then he takes another…

  2. The problem with the slippery slope fallacy is that it is a “logical” fallacy, whereas politicians and other control freaks are never logical.
    Therefore, the slippery slope is not a fallacy where human politics are concerned.

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