There Is Too Much Skin In This Mugshot

pickaxe attacker with head shaved half way

According to this local news channel, two young men staged a home invasion in order to attack a third man.  The weapons used were a baseball bat and a pickaxe.

Why were these two guys, aged 16 and 19, so angry?  Seems one was dating the ex-girlfriend of the victim.  When they found out that the former boyfriend was flirting with his ex via Facebook postings, they decided it was time for a bit of aggravated assault!

So why the odd hairdo?  It appears that the 19-year-old realized that the cops were going to come calling, and he was caught in the act of shaving his head as a kind of redneck disguise.

Didn’t work, obviously.

2 thoughts on “There Is Too Much Skin In This Mugshot

  1. Back when Inspector Gadget was blogging he used to say that a lot of calls to the police were as a result of chavs interacting on Facebook. It seems that you have a similar problem in the US.

  2. An old vaudeville joke has a car called the Crocodile. One side was painted blue the other red. While that was odd, it made for a great get away car as witnesses saw different colored cars. I think the police interrupting that knucklehead shaving only one side, inspired by the Crocodile!

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