I Don’t See What Is So Strange About It

An old friend was staying over.  I inflated an air mattress in the living room to be used as a bed.  Before retiring to my bedroom with my pets, I turned to my guest.

“Would you care for a dog or a gun while you sleep?”

They looked at me askance.

“What a strange question!  Why would I want dogs or guns?” they asked.

“For comfort.” I replied.

woman with protective dog


I think I’m a pretty good host.  After all, I’m always considerate of my guest’s peace of mind.

12 thoughts on “I Don’t See What Is So Strange About It

  1. While I can’t argue with any of these comments, I believe the best response might be: Both. The dog to protect we while I sleep and the gun so I can back the dog up.

  2. I dont see anything wrong with it. heh Hey old friend! Its been a long time! I would love it if you would get in touch with me. I had a break-in…

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