Canine Logo Equals Rape!

The University of Connecticut has replaced their old logo …

old University_of_Connecticut_Huskies_(logo)

… with something a bit leaner.


(Click on any picture to see the largest version.)

Okay, so some university in the New England states is trying to rebrand.  So what?

It would seem that a female student claims that the new logo will “intimidate women and empower rape culture“!

I have no idea what the bitter feminist who made these claims is talking about.  The new logo depicts a dog that is better groomed and showing less tongue.  Wouldn’t that mean he was more of a gentleman?

Not that we are sure as to the sex of the mascot.  Whenever I see a canine, the only sure way to tell the gender is to peer down between the back legs to see of there are any danglies.  How can the “intimidated” student tell if the only thing drawn is the face of the beast?  Maybe she completed the drawing in her mind!

My leg was once humped by a Cocker Spaniel, which means an actual, real life, flesh-and-blood dog tried to have its way with me.

maniac dog humping leg

This seems to me to be a great deal more traumatic than having a cartoon drawing of a fictional dog peer out from a poster or T-shirt.  And yet, no one is concerned about my feelings of powerlessness and violation!

This is probably because I never felt powerless or violated.  When little Snookums started the Hump, Hump, Hurrah! I simply showed my teeth while growling deep and low.  The dog had obviously never encountered an Alpha male before, as it ran to huddle, shaking, against the legs of its owner.  When said owner reached down to give the over stimulated pet a reassuring pat on the head, the dog peed all over her shoes.

dog sitting next to pee spot

It should be even easier to get a cartoon dog head off your leg, I would think.

Before anyone stumbling across this essay should decide to climb on their high horse and accuse me of belittling rape, please keep in mind that I have worked for two decades with victims of violent sexual abuse.  It seems to me to be a no-brainer that shrill, idiotic tripe such as the claim that a drawing of a dog’s head will encourage people to engage in violent criminal assault is demeaning and unfair to those who have had to put their lives back together after being subjected to rape in the real world.  But something tells me that such thoughts will never enter the heads of anyone who would make claims of that type.

Stacy McCain goes a long way towards analyzing why anyone would be so stupid as to make this assertion in the first place.  The answer is that the person who penned the letter is working towards a diploma for being a self-righteous feminist jerk.

13 thoughts on “Canine Logo Equals Rape!

  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear . . .

    Okay nobody wants to go back to the bad old days when a woman bringing a complaint of rape was treated as if she was a suspect etc, but jeez . . .

    “Planet Earth calling Ms Luby; get a life.”

    Btw and FWIW, I kinda prefer the old logo; it looks more like fun.

  2. The new logo looks a lot like the badge for the entry-level rank in Cub Scouts. I wonder if all Cub Scouts are rapists… oh, right! Sorry, lost my head!

  3. “no one is concerned about my feelings of powerlessness and violation!”
    That’s because you are an alpha male human being. No one is concerned about any of your feelings.

    Unless they want to complain that you hide them, so that when you share them the thought of you having feelings is too much for the widdle feminist womyn.
    I don’t have contempt for women, having grown up among them. I have contempt for the variety known to some as “gender feminists”, for they are professional malcontents who are as unhappy as they want to be and bitterly cling to that unhappiness as a religion and a weapon to club innocent and clueless men over the head with.

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