Thrilling Tales Of Wonder!


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Why is that guy wearing a breast implant for a hat?

breast implants

See?  Can’t be anything else!


Dammit, will you get off the phone already?


For Pete’s sake, woman!  Can’t you see that now I’m on the phone?


Cripes!  Now she’s on the phone again!


Seems that Saddam Hussein had a copy of this painting hanging on his wall.


This is for all you cat lovers out there.

All of these came from the excellent site Pulp Covers.  As many of the magazines and pulp novels featured are in the public domain, links are provided so you can download those available for free.

Read a few of the novels and stories, however, and you will discover that most of the cover art is far more interesting than the tale.


4 thoughts on “Thrilling Tales Of Wonder!

  1. I had a collection of pulp “novels” – just for the covers. You read one and realize you did better in 6th grad writing assignments, but it made me think I could be a writer! Of 6th grade writing assignments… So I became a blogger!

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