Revolvers Are Scary?

It seems that every news article I read that supports gun control features a picture of a revolver.

j frame and standard cylinder revolvers

The standard practice is to send a photographer to a gun store and have them snap a shot of some wheel guns in a display case.

revolvers on a gun store shelf

Just about every one of those signs advertising a gun free zone features a drawing of a revolver.

gun free drug free zone sign

The recent incident where a crazed terrorist killed some US Marines occurred right where those signs are prominent.

gun free zone marine shooting

federal gun free zone sign

This seems rather odd to me, as the handguns which gun control advocates find most alarming are of the semi-auto breed.  (“So many bullets!  Catch me while I faint dead away!“)

So why the images of a revolver?  Do the people who go in for gun control think a drawing of an autoloader will be ignored over a revolver?

I just don’t get it.


10 thoughts on “Revolvers Are Scary?

  1. A revolver is the paradigmatic hand gun, probably because of 50 years of movie westerns.

    A “paradigm” is the representative member you think of when you think of a varied group. For instance, chairs vary all over the place, with rocking chairs, recliners, and so on. But the paradigmatic chair is a wooden kitchen chair. Right?

    By the same token, a revolver is the paradigm for hand guns.

    (“Paradigm” is term of art from set theory. Unfortunately, it’s been coopted by postmodernism and changed to mean something else entirely.)

  2. I’ll bet there’s a standard somewhere that defines what a “No Weapons” symbol looks like and that is it.

    For example, the symbol for handicapped parking is defined by the Federal Government in the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), which is very explicit on what it looks like:

    The link is to a specific ruling that states cannot up and change it themselves, which is running headlong into activists who came up with their own symbol and started spray-painting it onto signs and pavement.

  3. Maybe that’s why the murderers bring the semi-auto. After all, the sign said, not revolvers.
    (Sorry, the Barracks Lawyer in me is strong today.)

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