maple sugar bacon donut

The maple sugar bacon donut in front would be the first consumed, the coconut covered monstrosity in back would probably not be eaten at all.

I would have to say that the pastries are arranged in pretty much the order they would go.  Whoever packed the box knew human nature pretty well.

This isn’t a picture taken by myself, as I have never encountered a maple sugar bacon donut.  Which means that I have to move to someplace civilized!

9 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Hey, they’re donuts. They’d be consumed in order of closest to farthest ( or least effort to greatest effort if you wish ) , but they’d ALL be consumed. 🙂

    • On the left of the box, from closest to farthest ….

      Red velvet cake donut with vanilla icing and sprinkles

      Blueberry glazed cake donut

      Cherry coke donut (Yes, cherry COKE, not cake!)

      On the right side of the box, from front to rear ….

      Maple sugar bacon donut

      Glazed chocolate cake donut with sprinkles

      Coconut cake donut

      How did I know all these pastries? I briefly worked in law enforcement. You pick stuff up hanging around the cops. As far as I’m concerned, I picked up about 40 lbs around the middle!

        • I would say anything bacon oriented is extremely popular in the United States.

          Cherry Coke flavored donuts is considered to be more exotic than anything, a one-off experience that most people want to try to see what is is like.

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