Knives Are Scary!!!

The headline reads Woman Arrested With More Than 3500 Blades In Her Mobile Home, which seems to be a masterful way to associate knife ownership with inbred yokels.

criminal with rusty knife

The woman in question was, indeed, arrested.  Police did find more than 3,500 knives, swords, axes, and other bladed implements crammed into her residence, but that wasn’t why she was taken into custody.  It seems that an arrest warrant was issued because the woman was caught on video attacking the neighbors house with one of her knives, and the pointies were discovered when officers had to force their way in.

It was not very smart for the suspect to refuse to open her door and cooperate with officers, but she double-downed on the stupid by snatching up a sword and slashing away.

time lapse sword stroke

She missed opening up the face of one of the deputies, but it wasn’t through lack of trying.

The cops fired bean bag impact weapons at the woman, but that predictably had little effect.

beanbag shotgun round

She barricaded herself in her bedroom, and a standoff crawled along for five more hours.  The cops eventually broke down the door and tasered the suspect in order to get the cuffs on.

police issue taser

The police then undertook the job of clearing all weapons out of the double-wide.  Besides all the sharp stuff, there were also shrines set up with replica human skulls made of plastic, and Halloween skeletons festooning the walls.  One of the officers who had been inside the dwelling said that it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility that “… there’s some mental illness here.”

Gee, ya think???

4 thoughts on “Knives Are Scary!!!

  1. I’ve seen comments from emergency room doctors that given a (dismal) choice, they’d rather be shot than slashed and stabbed.

    In this case, I’m a bit surprised they didn’t use teargas to get her out of there. Given that they controlled every part of the place except her bedroom, it would have been trivial to toss a tear gas grenade in next to her door, and then wait for her to come out.

  2. Yes, I was thinking mental issues when I read the headline. As far as those beanbag rounds they hardly ever seem to work. I wonder why police keep using them?

    • The last film Steve McQueen made, “Hunter”, has a scene in which a bean-bag is shot at a very large person, with fight-stopping effect. You mean that wasn’t factual?
      (we really need a sarcasm font. I hope DARPA finds some success in that research soon.)

  3. When I first read the headline and first few lines, I was hoping this was the woman’s inventory for her knife booth at gun shows and renaissance fairs, but attacking a house with a knife, is there any question of mental issues?

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