This Won’t Be Very Popular For Long

Thanks to long time reader Greg for the heads up on a really stupid fashion accessory.

gun shaped phone case

Click on the link to read more, but the genius who owned the phone case was caught trying to pass through security at London Stansted Airport in the United Kingdom.

You know, the UK.  Where selling even a plastic toy molded to look like a real gun is a serious crime.



4 thoughts on “This Won’t Be Very Popular For Long

  1. A Polish student of mine was surprised recently when I told him that if he carried a pair of naked sabres through the streets then the police might be very unhappy and relieve him of them. In fact, I recently had to go to the police station to collect a similarly uncovered sword that had been taken from another student of mine who had taken it to give to a friend without bothering to put it in a bag first. He wasn’t arrested, merely relieved of his sword and told he could get it back from the station when he had proper concealment for it.

    The chap with the sabres came to the conclusion that the British public are extremely scared of weapons. I don’t think that this is the case at all, and with the exception of some hoplophobes I find that most people are either not bothered by or are interested in weapons. Of course, context is the key; the public will turn up in their thousands to watch historical reenactments with swords and firearms, but when they see a sword brandished in the street outside the context of a known event they get suspicious and ask the police to investigate.

    The phone case mentioned here would certainly attract suspicion at an airport and whilst out walking in public.

  2. Ah geez. That is asking to get reported as a man with a gun. It’s like the music announcing the arrival of the Stormtroopers in Star Wars, “Dumb-dumb-de-dumb . . . “

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