14 thoughts on “The Knife I Carry

  1. I don’t like their can opener. My old Boy Scout knife works much better, as to the P-38 and P-51 military can openers.

  2. I carry the Super Tinker. It doesn’t have a corkscrew, but then I would never use a corkscrew. It does have scissors, which I use all the time.

    I have a German Army knife (also made by Victorinox) which has only three tools: a knife blade, a saw blade, and a corkscrew.

  3. Cool. I was given my first ever Swiss Army knife as a Christmas from my father. Still have it, but these days a carry a Huntsman model, in camouflage, -blush- which was a birthday present from my wife.

    Re: the tin opener. I’ve never had any problems using it, though I can understand that a dedicated bit of kit would do a better job.

    The most utilised features on mine are the scissors followed by the tweezers and the screw drivers, though the knife blades do get a bit of use. The least used item though is the saw blade, and I’ve only ever used the corkscrew once – but I was really glad I had it when I did.

    • W. C. Fields once said something close to this: When I was on safari in Africa, I lost my corkscrew, and had to survive for three days on nothing….but food and water.

    • It’s the design of the can opener, with the cutting edge being a smooth curve. My Leatherman and Gerber multitools have a vertical and a 45-degree-angle cutting edge, respectively. I have an old SOG tool which has a more open curve than my Scout Knife, which I’ve never used, but expect would be about the same.

  4. For me it’s a Cammilus Mil-K-818 or “demo” knife. USGI stainless steel version of the Boy Scout pattern. Colonial still makes them in Rhode Island, but the Shrade today is a Chinese knockoff.

  5. I have exactly the same model. It is very handy and useful. My wife also gave me new Wenger with rubber inserts on my Birthday. They are both very useful and I always have one of the with me.

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