Dining In The Trenches

Interesting new book which examines the food that was available to the British soldier during WWI, as well as revealing some of the recipes used on the battlefield.  It is titled “Feeding Tommy“.

wwi trench eating table

I find this sort of thing very interesting as long as it contains the smaller details.  Such as the fact that the officers and men ate the same foods, and the enlisted ranks were always fed first.  Or that extra spices had to be included in order to supply troops from India.

I’ve just purchased the book for my E-reader.  I’ll let you know if it is any good.

2 thoughts on “Dining In The Trenches

  1. Troops always eat first. Senior NCOs eat before officers and after their troops. That’s just how it works. If the food runs out, the officers have more incentive to fix the problem.

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