5 thoughts on “American Infantry Weapons Of WWII

  1. Top: M3A1, M3 Submachine guns
    Pistols: 1911A1 top, 1911 bottem
    Model 1928A1 Thompson
    Model M1A1 Thompson
    M1 30 Cal Carbine
    M1 Garand
    M1918A2 BAR

  2. Piece of cake:

    2 on top are M3 grease guns;
    handguns’ are M1911’s
    SubMachine guns just in front of M4 Thompsons
    M1 Carbine
    M1 Garand
    M1918 BAR

  3. I’ll go for M3 & M3A1S submachine guns. The silenced M3A1S doesn’t have cocking handle, just a longer dust cover and hole in the bolt for the user to stick their finger into cock it.

    M1928A1 Thompson & M1 Thompson, the M1 having a repositioned cocking handle and being a bit more simple, also wouldn’t except drum magazines.

    As for the rest . . . what Chris said. Though maybe one of the M1911s is a M1911A1?

  4. I was away from the computer for a few days, so I couldn’t approve of Bob’s comment until now. Looks like everyone knew what was what, but Bob has the details down.

  5. Re American weapons:

    You forgot the various revolvers. Victory series that Naval aviators were issued.

    And the Johnson Rifle, and SMG.

    And The Springfield M1903a3 and sinper rifle M1903a4/

    And we won’t mention the original M1903’s that were used by the marines early in the war.

    Or th M1917’s that were limited issue in Lend Lease, and internal security/factory guards left behind in the states.

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