Best Sellers For 2016

The Motley Fool, a website dealing in advice for investors, has an article where the five best selling handguns of 2016 are discussed.

pawn shop sign they buy gold and guns

I won’t go through the handguns in question because I think the source deserves some traffic, which means the link may rot off in the future.  But please note that all of the guns listed are appropriate for concealed carry, even if they may not be your own personal choice.


1 thought on “Best Sellers For 2016

  1. Nice to see you back James.

    Interesting little list. From my perspective, which is that of an armchair gunslinger on the far side of the pond, I don’t think anyone would be too unhappy to have one in hand when push came to shove. Interesting that apart from the Glock all are pistols designed with concealed carry in mind, and even the Glock 19 is considered a compact model. It’s also interesting to note that all are from companies with a, AFAIK, solid reputation for quality.

    Just my two-pennyworth of JIMHO.

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