This Is Good News!

My adopted state of Texas is considering passing a law which would make a license to carry a concealed firearm free!

well dressed man with dual shoulder holsters carrying 1911 handguns

Keep in mind that this is just the licensing fee itself, as training would have to come out of the individual’s pocket.  Another point to consider is that the Texas state legislature won’t be in session for two more months, and a lot can happen in that time.  But signs are hopeful.

(Hat tip to Glenn.)

9 thoughts on “This Is Good News!

  1. This would be excellent if it passes – hopefully it will.
    May I ask what the current fees are for licensing and training?

    • The training fees vary widely, mainly depending on the size of the classes. Gun ranges that can pack them in usually charge a bit less. But in my experience the average seems to be somewhere around $140.00 USD, when range fees and ammunition is factored in to the equation.

      The fee required by the state of Texas for the handgun license is presently also $140.00.

      • Is that per year? If so then abolishing the cost sounds like a good saving.
        I’m having to pay about $115 for a licence which lasts 5 years, though there’s $95 per year NRA membership on top of that in order to be insured.

        • “Is that per year?”

          The first CCW license issued is good for 4 years, and each subsequent license expires after 5 years.

          Bummer on the recurring NRA membership fees. Does that include premiums, or is the $95 just so one can have access to insurance plans?

          • That’s a reasonable duration for your $140, then – good stuff.
            The NRA membership I mentioned does include full insurance cover, fortunately.

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