Self Defense For The Fashion Obsessed

My job recently took me to a small boutique, which is defined as “a small store that sells stylish clothing, jewelry, or other usually luxury goods.”  As this is Texas, some of those luxury goods met with my approval.

Click on each pic to get a larger version, and please note what the display carousel proudly announces.  “SUPER SPARKLY SAFETY STUFF“.

The carousel was placed next to the cash register, so anyone making a purchase would be sure to get an eyeful.  The company selling the sparkly self defense items is called Blingsting, and one of the catchy phrases they use to try and entice potential customers is “Buy pepper spray so cute it hurts!

The other item for sale at this store was one of those personal safety alarms, a device that emits an extremely loud shriek when a pin is puled.  Sort of like a noise grenade, I suppose.

Perusing the website, I see that they also offer a line of emergency escape hammers in case one should ever be trapped inside a damaged car.  Note, if you will, the name of the product.

If super sparkly appeals, you should check them out.

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