Makes A Riot Shield Look Like A Booger

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I came across this picture at this website.  “Bristol City Police practice their cutlass drill“, the caption partially reads.  The officer in the center of the picture, the one with the beard, seems to be really enjoying himself!

So why cutlasses, anyway?  Did they think they would have to board a ship and take it from pirates?

Probably not.   I think a major justification of such training was tradition, but it was also probably their main method of riot control.  In times of major unrest when the mob was, as they say, “running riot” and there was no tear gas, water cannons or riot gear armor for the police to employ, then I can certainly imagine them forming a skirmish line and going choppy on the maddened miscreants that were burning and looting their way across town.

If you think cutlasses are cool, then you might find the following to be of interest, as the inestimable Matt Easton debates the finer points of choosing a cutlass as a sidearm with the formidable Mrs. Easton.

Posted on Christmas Day, no less.  Most families like to watch an uplifting holiday movie as the tradition that binds their hearts together, but there certainly is nothing wrong with each hauling out their favorite slashing blade and holding forth on their relative merits.

4 thoughts on “Makes A Riot Shield Look Like A Booger

  1. James – Are you sure that it’s a photo of nineteenth century Bristol Police? Might it be a photo of LARPers doing Marines from Traveller? 😉

    I did enjoy the video though. “Basket hilts are not practical . . . if you need to get your weapon out quickly and stick it in someone.” Oh dear. 🙂

    I did once encounter a WW2 veteran who had served on MTBs. Apparently one commander did try and get cutlasses issued to his crew. They considered him to be a bit of a nutter . . .

    But straight blade, curved blade or semi-auto: Happy New Year!

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