A Girl With A Gun

girl in underwear with gun

(Click on the picture to view the largest size.)

The handgun appears to be a 1911 style firearm.  Judging by the dimensions of the barrel, it would appear that the caliber should be around .45 inches.

And yet we can see another, much smaller hole inside the barrel.  This opening also seems to be a part of the frame itself, with the barrel being nothing more than a bit of ornamental bling glued on to the gun.

Can anyone say what is going on here?

11 thoughts on “A Girl With A Gun

  1. Could this be designed to fire blanks for movies? I know that for our M16s, we use Blank Firing Adapters to trap gas to cycle the action, but they wouldn’t look very realistic in a movie setting. (They’re actually designed to stand out so you don’t leave them on when firing live ammunition)

  2. It’s an airsoft replica. If you remove the US mandated orange plastic tips, this is what is left behind on the better cast metal models. There’s a short section of rifled barrel in the replica caliber, then the 6mm airsoft barrel hidden in the shadows.

    I like the double Rule 3 violation…

  3. It’s blank adapted as the other commenters have stated. I used one once during a training evolution with the housing authority. The locking lugs are either ground down to allow the use of blanks with the restriction in the barrel Or it is a custom replacement barrel without the locking lugs. the replacement of the recoil spring is also required for proper functioning.

  4. Not one of you noticed the girl with the slightly insane gaze and the perfect manicure?
    The bizarre background of mattresses without sheets on bedframes in what looks like a hospital ward?
    The clothing or apparent lack thereof?

    Boy…You guys really ARE gun nuts. 🙂

    • Steven, You’re one of my blog heroes…

      An honor to see you here.

      …and I’m a gun nut too…just couldn’t resist the sarcasm sauce.

  5. I agree with Joe that it’s probably just an airsoft gun. On the other hand, there’s a nice Beretta cigarette lighter available on EBay for a cheap price, and it looks realistic. I wonder if there are any Colt 45 cigarette lighters out there?

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