This Is Not Safe For Work

I was browsing Youtube a few days ago and came across a group of very short videos, most of which featured rather crude humor.  (NSFW!)

The people in the videos were obviously veterans of the US armed forces, and there is usually some sort of firearm involved.

So what were they trying to get us, the general public, to buy?  Firearms training courses?  Perhaps gun gear and accessories?

No, none of that.  Instead they were selling coffee!

Of course, coffee and the US armed forces have a long history.

US Navy ships are dry, which means no alcohol is allowed on board except for extremely limited quantities that are kept for medicinal purposes.  Coffee, however, is rather prevalent.  Members of the Royal Navy which have to spend some time aboard US Navy warships routinely complain of painful caffeine withdrawal after they resume their duties in their own fleet.

The Black Rifle Coffee Company claims that they are veteran owned, pro 2nd Amendment, and Conservative in their politics.  And they want to sell you coffee.

One of their stated aims is to hire 10K veterans.  That seems rather ambitious to me.  But, hey, maybe there is a lot of more money in the coffee biz than I realize.  After all, look at Starbucks!

2 thoughts on “This Is Not Safe For Work

  1. My son gave me some of this for Christmas last year. My wife and I are both Navy veterans and we like the idea of veteran owned businesses. But you’d better REALLY love dark roast coffee to enjoy this brew. It’s pretty much what I remember for my carrier days in the late ’60s and that stuff was not all that different from the bunker oil that powered the ship.

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