A Bit Too Spicy For Their Tastes

There is an American fast food restaurant named Taco Bell, which is known for Tex-Mex themed comfort food sold at a good price.

A recent news article in the New York Post reports that a late night armed robbery at a Taco Bell in Cleveland, Ohio went very badly for the erstwhile stick up artists when three of the five employees working the midnight shift were armed.  One robber was left at the scene, gasping his last, while the others beat a hasty retreat.

Police say that no arrests were made of the fast food wage slaves, which is as it should be.

4 thoughts on “A Bit Too Spicy For Their Tastes

  1. The article I read said that Taco Bell corporate would be offering counseling to the employees. I suspect that the content of that counseling will be along the lines of “sorry that happened, clean out your locker: you’re fired.”

  2. Well, basically, good.

    There are apparently a total of 17 Tacos Bells in Britain, no local to me, but if there were I would certainly be stopping by.

  3. Good, it should happen much more often. Every time some hood walks into a place to rob it they should be in fear for the lives. After a while some of the smarter ones might even start looking for an easier way to make a living. The others would be eliminated by attrition.

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