Signs Of A Misspent Youth

That isn’t a rule book or prepackaged adventure module.  It isn’t even character sheets.  It is the cover for “adventure record sheets”, forms used to keep track of what happened during a dungeon crawl.  You could just do that on a blank piece of paper.

This is how I spent my disposable income before I was old enough to own firearms.  Nowadays I just buy a few boxes of ammo and turn my money into noise down at the range.


2 thoughts on “Signs Of A Misspent Youth

  1. I was never a TSR fan, but I recall the days when some systems could publish anything – and my money would be heading there even before the ink was dry.

  2. “You could just do that on a blank piece of paper.”

    Blank? You were forced to draw your own squares/hexes on it?

    What sort of savage wilderness did you grow up in?? 😛

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