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Walter Layman was a photographer who traveled the United States with his little dog Pocahontas.  He specialized in documenting Native American culture, and his work appeared in such illustrious publications as Nature and National Geographic.

The original photograph can be found here, and please click on that link to gain access to a picture with a much higher resolution.  Note how the license plate shows that Mr. Layman was from Texas, my adopted state, and that he has a black thread tied around his pipe and draped around his neck.  No doubt a lanyard for his pipe would be extremely useful while driving that Ford Model A on some rough roads.

Don’t ask me why, but I really like that picture for some reason.  Probably because of the dogs, and that I could see myself forging such a career if I had been born a century earlier.

UPDATE:  Reader Edward was kind enough to leave a comment, stating that the car is a Model T and not a Model A as I first thought.

Thank you kindly for the correction, Edward!

4 thoughts on “Walter Layman – Travel Pictures

      • James

        A Happy New Year to you and yours. Thank you for posting and sharing, I do love Shorpy but usually don’t have the time to dig into the archives.

        Hail from a family of Mechanics and Engineers, so we have been car enthusiasts since the turn of the 19th Century into the 20th and now the 21st (I am 3rd gen.), not sure about the 4th though, the automotive era does not seem to draw them other than as an appliance.

  1. I’m grateful to those who in the early days of photography took the time to photograph their surroundings for posterity, thereby allowing those with an interest in such things to see how one’s surroundings have changed. It’s easy enough today to casually photograph whatever one sees, but not so then.

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