Not A Time To Second Guess

Did any of you see this?

Tina Ring and her daughter Ashley Lee make a living for their families through their liquor store in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  A masked robber, armed with a shotgun, threatens their lives and takes the cash in the till before exiting the building.

He has what he said he wanted, but he comes back.  Why?  He had just robbed two helpless women, leaving them unmolested.  Maybe he had second thoughts about that second part.

We don’t have much information except the video, and some of the action takes place off camera.  Tina the mom arms herself with a revolver, don’t know what make or model, but I would guess something chambered for the .38 Special cartridge.  Daughter Ashley favors an autoloader, probably chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge.  If this is what they are using, and I have no way to know if it is, then they are both perfectly adequate rounds for self defense.

The end of the video is particularly terrifying.  The robber returns, wrestles the gun from Tina, and tries to shoot Ashley.  Why didn’t the gun go off?  I think Tina expended a round or two off camera.  Something tells me the gun was empty, the hammer falling on spent cartridges.

So I’m someone who teaches people how to get through situations like this.  Do I have any thoughts?  Perhaps some critique of the actions of Tina and Ashley?

Are you kidding?  Except for a knock on the head that Tina got when the suspect wrestled her gun away, the innocent victims were unscathed!  The decent people went home to sleep snug in their own beds that night, while the suspect had so many holes in his worthless carcass that he had to turn himself in to a hospital emergency room in order to save his own wasted life.  Looks like a win for the good guys!

Besides, I wasn’t there.  I have no idea if I would have acted as well as they did.  Not that there is any improvement to be had, as the final outcome (innocent victims alive, violent criminal in custody to answer for his crimes) turned out as well as anyone could have asked.

Seems like some people are using social media to give the heroic women some grief.  At least, that is the impression I get when I see this extremely short interview that appeared on the local news channel.

You tell ’em, Ashley!

5 thoughts on “Not A Time To Second Guess

  1. They have a thief lock system, but the inner door closed too slowly so he realized he would be trapped and came back in. Later he went back to the entryway and just shot out the inner (glass) door. He wasn’t able to shoot them with their guns because they emptied their guns into him. Too bad they must have been using just FMJ instead of good quality hollowpoints.

  2. Hi, just stumbled across this blog and noticed this post.

    I had two flashbacks when I saw it:
    1. My best friend in high school and early college who was the smartest person I knew;
    2. The time I was held up while working at a convenience store.

    I wonder if I should reach out and say “Hi” yo him. My levels of assholedom have decreased and my opportunities to talk to smart people who think differently than me rare.

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