Taking A Page From My Book

A program based in Houston, Texas is giving free firearms training to people in high crime areas.  As you might imagine, I approve!

But they also go one step further, as they also provide free shotguns to their students.

mossberg persuader

I approve, of course.  The usual suspects are nay-saying the program.  They claim that putting more guns in the hands of peaceful, law abiding citizens will increase crime instead of causing it to decrease.  They are wrong, of course.

I never did that myself, the providing guns bit.  Free training, free ammo, sure.  But there never was enough cash in the kitty to help everyone who asked for my assistance.  There would have been an even larger number of people to turn away if I purchased forearms for my students.

Besides, the liability concerns are significant.  No matter how many waivers and contracts I would have them sign, there would certainly be the very real danger that some criminal, or the family of a deceased criminal, would sue me the moment the n’er-do-well was stopped by one of my students wielding a gun that had previously belonged to myself.

I have little doubt that Texas is a very different legal environment than my home state of Ohio.  But, even so, I hope they have some very deep pockets.

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