A Tale of Pig Wrestling

The previous post concerned how my defensive handgun would fare against javelina and wild boar.  Long time reader augustr had a request.

“I seem to remember a story where you were hunting in a thicket and came up against a hog. NO link?”

I thought that the post had been lost, but our friend knirirr was kind enough to suggest web.archive.org, otherwise known as the Wayback Machine.  It took some digging but I found an archived version dated .

There are some embarrassing mistakes in the essay.   The one that is truly unforgivable is that I confuse javelina with wild boar, and even misspell the word.  “…torn to shreds as the havelina furiously tried to throw me off.”  My only excuse is that I had only been to Texas that once, and I had heard people mention javelina.  I just never bothered to ask if they were different from wild boar.

At any rate, those who are interested can read about the day I used up all of the luck God allotted me for my entire life.

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Pig Wrestling

  1. just below that in your archives? is advice on jammed guns, I never really thought about it but first thought (at least for 1911s) is, if it is seriously jammed, why not remove the firing pin before starting anything else.

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