Proof That Master Choi Was Right

I took about a year of karate lessons in my home town.  Not enough to become anything near proficient, of course, but at least I could throw a punch and maybe a snap kick or two.

One thing my old instructor liked to say was “If you are outnumbered, RUN!”

Sound wisdom.  Words to live by.

You guys really need to follow this link right now.  Watch the video.

See the bald guy with the walrus mustache and the glasses?  He had just been opened up under his left arm by a box cutter.  16 stitches were needed to close the wound.  It looks like he wasn’t about to give up or give in.

Note how the robber was younger and in much better shape then the people who move to subdue.  Didn’t matter, though.

One last thing.  Watch the video to the end, right at the last two or three seconds, and look down on the floor by the loose cash register paper rolls.  You will see a good amount of blood that wasn’t there when the fight started.  I think it came from the suspect.

(Hat tip to Glenn.)

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