Best Choice : Handguns VS Long Guns

Considering some of the recent active shooting incidents that have occurred recently, I have been asked by concerned people what the best choice is for self defense. This surprised me, as I thought people living in Texas would already be pretty up on these things. But I suppose the basics never truly go out of style.

So that is what this is, a series of posts that will go over the bare basics of choosing a firearm for self defense. If you, dear reader, are already familiar with the subject then please pass on by.

Ruger P94
Krag-Jorgenson chambered for .30-40

Okay, handguns and long guns. What is better? Long guns by far!

Hey, that was easy! I should go throw the frisbee for my dogs!

Well, maybe not yet. I should probably explain WHY long guns are almost always superior.

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  1. Handguns can be used for self defense and are easier to conceal. Long guns, such as rifles and shotguns, are more powerful and can be used for hunting. If you’re looking for a self-defense weapon, a handgun is best for your needs.

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