Lost Dog Update

Pete licks his chops
Pete sticks his tongue out

I don’t think Katy had ever encountered a human being before I found her. She took to Pete in a day or so, but it took her 2 weeks to get comfortable with my touch. Now she likes to drape herself over me whenever she gets the chance. If I sit down to work on the computer, and she needs a nap from playing with Pete, she will trap my shoes under her body.

Katy sleeps
Katy sleeps closeup

She is a pretty heavy sleeper, unless a squirrel runs across the tin roof of the shack!


But the lure of snoozing is not to be denied sometimes. Besides, chasing squirrels is such hard work!

Well, maybe I can get an extra ten minutes before getting up.
My eyes are getting heavy…..

Katy is a small dog, and Pete is hardly a fighter. I hear coyotes howling in the night when they kill something, and sometimes they are less than 100 yards from my shack. I always go outside with my dogs whenever I release them into the yard to do their doggy due diligence. Nothing is going to touch them if I have anything to say about it.

Pity Texas doesn’t offer a bounty for dead coyote. I could make a little money on the side.

So don’t worry about Pete or Katy. They both had hard lives, they both endured loss and tragedy and pain. But, as long as I don’t suffer a heart attack and avoid auto accidents, they should live happily ever after until the end of their days.

6 thoughts on “Lost Dog Update

  1. Katy and Pete are 2 of the luckiest puppies in the world

    Thank you for the update, you can tell how she is doing….just by looking into her eyes

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