Finding Ammo

Riots, murder, burning and destruction!

People interested in self defense have taken note. Firearms and ammunition are tough to find nowadays.

I was in the local big chain sporting goods store and decided to take a walk down the ammunition aisle. So sad, nothing but bare shelves.

Oh, there were a few offerings. I managed to find 500 rounds of .22 Long Rifle, but it was bare lead bullets instead of the copper wash I prefer. There was a supply of 12 gauge shotgun shells, but they were loaded with 7 1/2 birdshot and so were unsuitable for self defense. Oddly enough, I also found several boxes of .32 ACP.

I suppose there just aren’t that many people who favor .32 ACP for defense in west Texas. Go figure.

Did any of this cause me woe? No, not really. I always keep a stock of ammunition on hand just in case something like this happens. I measure the amount I have by how many layers are stacked on the shelf, and don’t bother keeping track of how many individual rounds are left. I can wait out the shortage, even if it takes a few years for the situation to resolve itself.

For those of us who are of the buy-it-when-you-need-it sort, I have two suggestions if you are looking for ammunition.

The first is Lucky Gunner, an online retailer of ammunition.

Keep in mind that they don’t have endless supplies of ammunition so you are certain to get what you want. They are suffering from the same bullet drought that everyone else is trying to overcome. But they are worth a look because they show you exactly what is in stock, and process your purchase almost immediately. They might not have what is needed, but if they do you can buy it before anyone else gets to it.

The second suggest is an online utility called

Gunbot is not a website per se, but is instead a no frills utility that looks for ammunition that is for sale online. The list can be sorted by price, so you can only choose to look at ammo that is in your price range. It is the easiest and quickest way to scour the Internet for bullets to buy.

Keep in mind that Gunbot only shows that sales offered on other websites, and those retailers are often sold out. But if you show some dogged persistence then you will eventually be rewarded with some gun food delivered to your door.

So what happened at the big chain sporting goods store? I bought the .22 Long Rifle ammo, of course. Why wouldn’t I? It’s .22 Long Rifle! Can’t have enough of that.

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